Company Profile

After many years of being mentored by landscape designers and working for various Garden Centers in Memphis, Tripp Smith decided to start his own company called English Garden in 1992.  While his degree is in Business, Tripp found his true passion to be in developing unique landscapes to suit his customers needs.

Over time, Tripp has expanded English Garden from one person to multiple maintenance and landscape crews. They have created intimate courtyard and cottage gardens, contemporary stonescapes and extensive landscape designs for large estates. The most recent addition to his team is Brad Morris who graduated from Mississippi State with a degree in Landscape Architecture.

Together, Brad and Tripp develop unique and enduring designs. They are committed to involvement through construction and into long-term maintenance to ensure that design intent remains true. English Garden values desgin integrity, process, and the creation of lasting relationships with clients and their gardens.

From left to right: Brad Morris(Landscape Designer) and Tripp Smith (Owner)